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Carving of oxen with driver by Odessa Belisle, St. Antoine, Quebec, pine, circa 1965.
Bytown Antique & Bottle Club


The Bytown Antique & Bottle Club is the successor to the Bytown Bottle Seekers' Club, which was founded in 1970. The Club is involved in promoting local history through various projects such as calendars, radio interviews, newspaper articles, and online media.  It has proudly organized the popular annual Bytown Antique & Vintage Show, for 47 years.  


The Club has a core group of dedicated and knowledgable members who are interested in collecting antique bottles such as ginger beers, black glass, milks, sodas, medicines, inks, red ware and stoneware.  Members also collect antique furniture, textiles, folk art, fine art, maps, oil lamps, insulators, paperweights, glassware, decoys, advertising and nostalgic items. Membership to the Club must be approved, according to Club regulations.

H. Christin Ottawa Ginger Beer, oil lamp, tin car, antique shore bird decoy, stoneware crock with cobalt blue flower, hunting tin, medicine bottle
Glassblower blowing through blowpipe, original logo of Bytown Bottle Seekers' Club
The Glassblower


The glassblower is blowing through a blowpipe and is inflating molten glass into a bubble.  Glass bottles were made using this free blown technique, or were blown into molds. This image was the original logo used by the Bytown Bottle Seekers’ Club.

All About Glass Blowing

Antique Memories
Tales From a Lifetime of Collecting Antiques & Folk Art 

By Shaun Markey

The Bytown Antique & Bottle Club is excited to announce the publication of a new book, written by our Club member Shaun Markey!

Shaun Markey has been collecting antique country furniture and folk art for 40 years.  His second book, published in February of 2022, gives the reader a personal account of some of his most interesting and rewarding discoveries. 


Not one to pull any punches, Shaun also includes examples of excellent antiques and folk art that, due to various circumstances, exceeded his grasp.  While his focus is on country furniture, accessories and folk art, the lessons learned apply to just about all areas of collecting.  


So, jump into the front seat with Shaun and let him take you on a retro-ride through the exciting discoveries and acquisitions that came his way over the last 40 years!


An incredible journey and a fascinating read about the art of collecting - 22 chapters, 124 colour photos, and 25 in black and white.


In Canada $24.95, plus postage of $5.09


Order your copy from Shaun directly:



Antique Memories Book by Shaun Markey.jpeg
Wooden Antiques Sign

BABC meetings are held monthly, except for July and August.  Meetings are informal and business is kept to a minimum.  Collectible items of historical significance are presented and discussed by members during the show and tell portion of the meeting.  An important part of the meeting is the networking and sharing of knowledge, along with socializing over good food and drinks.  

Monthly Meetings
Summer Picnic Meeting
Syphon Seltzer Bottle
Monthly Meeting Socializing
Summer Meeting at the Cottage
Show and Tell at Monthly Meeting
Summer Monthly Meeting at Cottage
Smiling Selfie at Summer Meeting